Outside the game: Vernon Davis eventually the heart of his art

Grew up as he did in a tough Washington, DC, neighborhood committees, San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis' interest in the arts and to the city's pressure and prejudice sidetracked. Davis avoid art classes in high school, because he believed that his classmates will judge him."I thought, if I take art classes, people will look at me different,"Davis recently told Yahoo Sports. "I want calm, I do not know how to adapt to the time this is sad, but that's just the way."From his grandmother, who raised Davis and his siblings, he has been his main support in life. Throughout the high school football season, it is not always easy, Davis once playing tennis shoes because he did not want to disturb his grandmother splint. This is when he went to the University of Maryland, things started to come together, his football awareness. "I'm at the University of the sophomore year, I began to spark," Davis said. "Something told me to say, Hey, I go pro." However, this is in Maryland, Davis finally found a way to further his hidden interest in the arts. He changed his major from criminal justice, art studio, and he was on his way.
"I've always liked the idea as an artist," he said.Davis in the 2006 NFL Draft, headquartered in a ridiculous performance scouts joint sixth overall pick 49. 6 feet 3 inches and 254 pounds, he ran the 40-yard dash the of 4.38,33 representatives in the bench press 225 pounds, hit a 42-inch vertical jump. Davis is the first movement has been tight at both ends in the NFL, one of the new wave in recent years. Pledged his future, and began his path to the NFL, Davis also began painting seriously, he described the terms of the creative process athletics."I was just entering an area, a bit like before the game," Davis said, his mind, his painting. "I have this breathing method, I have my area and focus on me before the game. Normally, I do not know where I'm going, until I do the painting."Davis does not want kids to follow in his footsteps to go through the same misunderstanding of his art, which is why he formed the Vernon Davis Visual Arts Scholarship."I started the foundation, because as a child, in my experience," he said. "This is very important, I come into contact with these children, to let them know that this is determined, you can miss a good chance, if you do not follow your heart."Davis learned important life lessons from his process."You can go, as long as you want - a sight to behold," he said. "This is the way I see life, you only need to attack it every day."
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