NFL San Francisco 49ers: Breaking the playoffs the road

6-2 and 1.5 games in the NFC West, the San Francisco 49ers is a very favorable position to enter the NFL playoffs. But it would be foolish to believe that the guarantee of a playoff spot.
In a perfect world, 49, before the division of the package, their Week 16 tilt in Seattle, and one of the top two NFC. Let's take a look at the road in San Francisco to the playoffs. The remaining timetable San Francisco business this weekend against the St. Louis Rams, but the following game, can represent multiple mines. The Chicago Bears, one of the team's 49 most comparable. Both teams have an elite defense and a running game, but they are often difficult to protect their quarterback. Chicago led the NFL forced 28 turnovers, which will play turnover-free football is the absolutely critical Alex Smith. Next is the New Orleans Saints Superdome. Yi Jianlian for 462 yards and four touchdowns, and the New Orleans Hornets playoff loss to San Francisco in January. Saints may be 3-5, but do not expect San Francisco to the Big Easy Waltz easy victory. After what another victory in St. Louis, San Francisco, will face the Miami Dolphins (Miami Dolphins), a team, did not have any significant weaknesses. Dolphins stop the run, rush the passer, play a balanced attack, and now, Ryan Tannehill found confidence as the NFL's signal call.
After conflict dolphins, it can be said is the most difficult road game of the season waiting for San Francisco. First of all, 49 people went to New England, the best team in the AFC point. The Patriots average yards and the most points per game. Simply put, they are prolific, balance, the perfect way to crack a good defense. The niners shooting than travel to the Seattle Seahawks, you can think of that game is a scene similar to these teams play each other this year for the first time. Bishop of San Francisco, the last home game in disarray. 49ers clinch a berth will take what Seahawks division of labor has lost three games, This means that if the 49ers beat the Rams twice, they will automatically before "hawks division of tiebreaker in the first 16 weeks.
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I do not understand, you can be in the NFL opponents for granted, but I think it is safe to say that 49 of the Rams (twice) and dolphins decent football, they should be subject in those games. Bear left on the timetable of the most important game in the playoff positioning. I think the 49ers will treat this game like the Super Bowl of their regular season (remember last year's game against the Steelers) and knock off Chicago. From there, San Francisco has three tough away games in a short week (New Orleans, New England and Seattle). I suspect that San Francisco will lose both of them, and the sake of discussion, let's just say the loss to the Patriots and Seahawks. I know, I know, the 49ers have been dealt with "hawks However, Seattle has an incredible home field advantage (4-0 years), Russell Wilson so far this season, nine touchdowns and zero CenturyLink Field interception thrown. the 49ers should close the victory of the Bishop and complete the 12-4 season, won the No. 2 seed in the NFC behind the Falcons, because they hold the NFC North Division competitors "( Bears and Packers tiebreaker). How do you think? The 49ers won the division, and if they do so, they will get the playoff seeds? Let us in the comments below.
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