The Falcons cornerback subject hefty fines Union reiterated that it would severely punish unruly foul

NFL Monday out a hefty ticket, the Atlanta Falcons cornerback Deng tower - Robinson hit the opponent was fined $ 40,000 in the game with a helmet, but he will not be suspended. In the Sun Falcons 35-31 victory over the third quarter of the Philadelphia Eagles game, Robinson helmet Hawks Jeremy - McLean knocked to the ground, Robinson was sentenced unnecessary boorish foul, the team was fined 15 yards.
This is not the Robinson first make a rough defensive action last season, is also in the face of the Hawks, Robinson used the same action DeShawn - Jackson knocked down both knocked became concussion Robinson Therefore NFL fined $ 25,000. In letter distributed Robinson, vice president of NFL Football Operations Melton - Hanks wrote, "Union President Roger - Goodell later similar behavior, the punishment will be upgraded, including suspension." this punishment "is very appropriate." As an example, while the exclusion of a similar action in the game outside, Goodell said, "and not a perfect example, because there are personal factors for each impact, asked the NFL whether will this impact we are trying to recognize this action to make our sport safer. "
Falcons coach Mike - Smith expressed different views after the game, he thought it was a reasonable collision, and "That is what we teach players to play the way." My view will not change, "Smith on Monday said former NFL to make the punishment.
In October last year, NFL gave head coach of each team sent a memo, the memo lists each team twice or more than twice sentenced unnecessary boorish foul roster since 2008. - Ray Anderson, NFL executive vice president this summer in an interview with the Associated Press that the Union will be based on this list, make the appropriate penalties for repeated offenders. "The safety of the players is the most important, which we did not relax," Anderson said. "Let's clear view, especially for recidivist foul play will be the kind of excessive suspended based on this we would not have the slightest hesitation."
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