The prince broke less incomplete role issues

Cassano and Milito [microblogging] swap roles were reversed shooting and passing. Milito 3 ball, less than Cassano, but assists three times higher than Cassano (1), and Asamoah Hamsik, Candreva Totti [microblogging], Arian Foster jersey one The best assists hand at this stage. "Corriere dello Sport" statistics, three direct assists, outside Milito has also launched twice to lead the scoring attack. The former Terminator transfiguration organizers. Manchester Rama explained transposition: "Milito pulling a lot more in the attacking midfielder position roundabout, he is critical to our tactical Antonio, and he sent the ball Palacio plug, reflecting the tacit agreement of several people. I guess, to the end of the season, our best shooter had Milito. "Gazzetta dello Sport" that the prince broke less incomplete role issues, "Oct. nightmare. After he joined Inter Milan [microblogging] 139 games total goals of 67, only one in October. October 29, 2009 Inter Milan 5 3 win over Palermo, the first half 2-0, the second half is Lianban 3 Milito off the bench, the perfect breakthrough Maicon assists, scored the last goal. In October of last year, Texans Mall Milito Atlanta wasted a door opportunity (high kick), then a repeat of Lille, Moratti said: "shows that he is not in the state."

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