Juve players are only soldiers to obey orders

Wife Carolina feel great to speak, on Twitter: "a boy, our family three Cassano really worry people, we come to help me." Refers to her unborn child, Aaron Rodgers jersey the first of the two two children or men. Cassano is especially good at Inter popularity, each training session, if not also sidelined on an endless stream of wisecracks. Kudiniao reflect: "locker room laughter for his arrival, more than a lot of positive energy." Muding Kay said: "He in Rome when I knew him his outspoken, thinking about what to say, sometimes express not good enough, but it is transparent exchanges such good friends. " Inter Internal give him out, but the outside world ratings fail, because of his recent talk, slander Juventus and the national team. Juve players are only soldiers to obey orders, "the boss let them stand in a row, they would not daring to move, I Huzuohuyou, I do not want to be a victim, so three times refused them." Questioned the general Landry, "do not move I can, but why is the media before I parties to know that I will not be selected? Could it all have already given number, and together they arranged?" Prandelli Tuesday formally answered: "The national team door is not sealed, and he and Di Natale, Totti [microblogging] the same column in the study tour. Merely immediate team must prepare a variety of plans. Packers Flagship congratulate him on goal. soldiers good or talented players? his soldiers remarks, to be honest I did not understand, he might not be able to join Juve looking for an excuse. players of course not only technology, will have to see psychological, words and deeds, and other comprehensive quality. "

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