Cassano is especially good at Inter popularity

Cassano writing a personal best season scored five goals, not good header. Prior to his few good season in 2003/04 season in Rome 8 ball, the 2010/11 season in Samp 4 ball last season in Milan ball. The field is his 7th withdraws season, Cowboys Flagship the league 5 times, 2 times, 8 times European Cup to play the main only played Viola war, the count twice off the bench, field played 62 minutes. He always adjust preferred Manchester Rama to want to keep him fresh physical. "Corriere dello Sport" statistics, the number of goals from the striker and shot number Cassano shot will be able to score 1.6, the most efficient door to other players should be more than 2 times playing goals. Cassano 92 Serie A goals, 10 league games away from Christmas, the Italian media to predict when he rushed expected 100 balls, at least equaled the number (99). Wife Carolina feel great to speak, on Twitter: "a boy, our family three Cassano really worry people, we come to help me." Refers to her unborn child, the first of the two two children or men. Cassano is especially good at Inter popularity, each training session, if not also sidelined on an endless stream of wisecracks. Kudiniao reflect: "locker room laughter for his arrival, Falcons Flagship more than a lot of positive energy." Muding Kay said: "He in Rome when I knew him his outspoken, thinking about what to say, sometimes express way is not good enough, but it is transparent, this friend good contacts.

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