Louis Vuitton Factory Is To Do With His Wife's Dowry

Louis Vuitton opened his first store, because the design of the box is good, decided to expand and set up their own factories, due to a lack of start-up capital, the wife took out a dowry and past savings, Aspen Fournier in Paris Seoul founder of the first bags making workshop. Louis is very smart, talented, creative spirit. He invented a flat box with handle, instead of the past large bulky wooden box, gray box surface with wear-resistant and light brown cloth wall paper, the materials used are still beech, poplar, leather, metal jewelry, with buckle and lock. Because of the Louis Vuitton practical and ingenious design to let more and more people recognize the brand and these creative and more people to buy, with Louis Vuitton bags are a woman's dream, if you want to have, I recommend that everyone can buy Louis Vuitton outlet store, if your money is not a lot of words, can also fanslvbags this site to buy a good quality bag for this site.

Since the Louis Vuitton opened his first store, the development of better and better, slowly have their own factories, even the product range is constantly expanding. 1914 when Louis Vuitton shop has become the world's largest travel leather goods store. Hundred years of development, Louis Vuitton has experienced the First World War, also produced military suitcase can be folded stretcher in the World War, began to design and create a practical travel bags, they products are subject to a lot of people like the time to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Louis Vuitton leather goods store in the world's largest travel both sides of this building, two special Super large luggage rack where people stunning. Of course, now, Louis Vuitton bags or be very welcome, especially rich people, they like these noble things, if the people do not have much money so sad, I know a cheap website, fanslvbags this the website provides high-quality bags, but the prices are very favorable, people in need can go to Louis Vuitton outlet store to look at.